BYORBYOR or Bring Your Own Route.  We offer a platform of diverse marketing tools. Plug your Route API key into your back office and enjoy the many features that we have integrated to help deliver your campaign message. We offer free services of Spintax, Auto Responders, Communicators, Scheduled Messages, Drip Campaigns, API/Webhook Integrations and more. Integrate with the most popular routes: Nexmo, Plivo, Signal Wire, Telnyx, SMSGorilla, Sinch and more.  Compliance and Deliverability are key to your successful campaign message, therefore we encourage you to set up KEYWORDS for your customer to Opt In or Opt Out.  AI Technology.  Mobile Detection. TimeZone Wise Sending. Click Through Rates. Domain Name Shorteners also known as URL Shorteners.

Check out our subscription options: Small Business, Medium Business and Power Users.

Route Integration is a separate cost of 399.99 which has been included in the first subscription month.

*Upon Sign Up for BYOR you will be charged for Route Integration with the first payment. Route Integration generally takes approximately 2 to 4 business days to complete